7 Activities to keep your toddler busy at home..

Because of Covid-19 our government has declared to stay at home unless you have any emergencies to go out. And we should follow the order to control the covid-19 infection. We adults can understand the seriousness of the situation and can control our desire to step out but what about the small kids . Kids are the most active and socializing human beings. As parents this is a heavy task for us to keep our kids inside the house all day and night and along with we have keep them happy .

7 Activities to keep your toddler busy at home..
7 Activities to keep your toddler busy at home..
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Foods for Kids to Build Immunity during Covid

The world is under the deadly corona virus and as if there is no vaccine or medicine to cure the viral infection ,the only way to defeat the virus is by making strong the inner immunity system of body . In adults already the immune system is in a level of good if you don’t have any kind of serious disease but what about small kids . In kids the chances of getting infection is more than adults because there immune system is still in building process . So kids need extra care and attention.

Foods for Kids to Build Immunity during Covid
Foods for Kids to Build Immunity during Covid

There are super foods which can build up the immune system in kids and make them strong internally. Balaced and varied diet should be given to kids . And most important thing is, kids should stay away from processes food or packaged food like cake, pastry, cookies , chips ,etc which arr less in nutrients . Kids should introduce vitamin C , D , E rich food , zinc and protein rich food .

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A new Journey Begin…

Hey everyone..

I am Snigdha , mom of two adorable munchkins . Along with that I am a full time blogger , social media influencer and YouTuber by profession . I love writing and I lobe exploring new things . To kill the boredom I had started my first blog Beauttyobsessions.com and started writing about beauty, fashion, lifestyle things . Then after my first son I started writing mommy things too on that same blog . And till I do write both parenting and beauty related posts on my another blog . later on I thought why not to start a separate parenting blog where I can share my jolly parenting journey and all other motherhood experiences . This way “Coffee and Cuddles” came to my mind . 

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